Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program – Ratings and Review!

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In Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program, meet the growing demand for data analysis and visualization professionals by gaining the Power BI skills that top companies want.

Udacity's Power BI Nanodegree Program - Ratings and Review!

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Overview of the Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program

In Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program, you’ll master the in-demand skills necessary to become a successful data analyst like data pre-processing, visualization, and analysis using Power BI as the primary tool.

Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program Syllabus

1. Introduction to Preparing and Modeling Data

Where do you even start when the data you need for a single report lives in a bunch of different files and software systems? This is where preparing and modeling data becomes essential! This course is a crucial step in Power BI for anyone who needs to mash together multiple data sources, clean them, restructure them, and harmonize them into a single and efficient data model to support reporting. We’ll cover Power BI’s built-in Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool, Power Query, learn foundational data modeling principles, cover some introductory DAX (Data Analytics Expressions), and touch on troubleshooting and optimization.

2. Creating Visualizations with Power BI

In this course, students will learn how to carry Power BI beyond mere bar charts and transform their reports into data exploration & storytelling tools that companies can use to better understand their data. Students will start by learning about a variety of common and more advanced data visualizations. Then, students will learn how to design reports around these data visuals in order to focus user attention on key insights, help users navigate different features and report pages and enable accessibility options for diverse audiences. Next, the student will learn how to use filters and slicers. Finally, students will deliver a couple of advanced features capable of elevating how users navigate and engage with visuals and the report itself.

3. Advanced Data Analysis

In this course, students will focus on the techniques and skills needed for data analysis in Power BI. The course is centered around building a strong foundation and intuition of analytics so that students can take their skills beyond simply aggregating data in Power BI and into the realm of statistics, forecasting, and strategy. We first start with an introduction to data analysis looking at different terms and techniques such as descriptive and inferential statistics, histograms, linear regression, and an introduction to the concepts of correlation and probability. After taking the introductory lessons on data analytics, the course then moves to M, the language of Power Query, and learning to build custom formulas as part of the data transformation process. The overarching goal of the course is to help students become effective at the process of retrieving, analyzing, and visualizing data in order to answer questions and draw conclusions.

Instructors of Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program

Here is a list of instructors associated with the Udacity Nanodegree Program:

1. Lenore R Flower (Senior Business Intelligence Specialist)

Lenore is a Senior Business Intelligence Specialist with a background in finance and a passion for empowering her colleagues to make data-driven decisions—even if the information they have to work with is a little rough around the edges.

2. Sean Chandler (Senior Business Intelligence Engineer at Humana)

Sean is a Senior Business Intelligence Engineer at Humana, where he oversees an enterprise community of thousands of users & developers. His Power BI work has been featured recently at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit and on Microsoft Mechanics.

3. Joseph Lozada (Business Intelligence and Operations Professional)

Joseph works as a client services team leader at Morneau Shepell, where he manages a team of analysts and oversees the data management and systems functionality for his clients. He also works as an adjunct instructor of Excel and Power BI analytics at the Community College of Rhode Island.

Review: “Definitely worth enrolling in!”

After successfully completing the Nanodegree program, you will find that the program is very comprehensive and teaches you everything promised by the program.

Plus, the certification is also really helpful since this Udacity Nanodegree Program is well-recognized amongst multiple industries.

Enroll in Udacity’s Power BI Nanodegree Program today!

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