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Data Science Fast-Track

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Looking for the sweet stuff? You've come to the right place.

Enroll in certification-guaranteed courses taught by top instructors such as Jose Portilla, Kirill Eremenko, etc. and become a data scientist. 

In this 'Data Science Fast-Track', you will learn the A-Z of Python programming along with Data Engineering, Data Analysis, Data Modeling and Model Deployment/Monitoring.

Data Science Fast-Track
Data Science Fast-Track
Data Science Fast-Track

Level 1: Data Science Looks Cool!

Take a pill, you won't regret it.

Level 2: Oh, I get it! Let's dive deeper.

No, you're not addicted. You can quit anytime.

Level 3: What have I got myself into?

Sadly, there isn't a rehab for data scientists.

Meet your instructors

Pragyan Subedi - CEO of Kharpann Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Pragyan Subedi
Senior Data Scientist

Pragyan is the CEO at Kharpann and is currently listed as one of the top 3% data science freelancers in the world at Toptal.
Merishna Singh Suwal - CTO at Kharpann Enterprises

Merishna Singh Suwal
Senior Data Scientist

Merishna is the CTO at Kharpann and works with Silicon Valley companies on a daily basis as a Senior Data Scientist.

Move towards a better future

We are more than delighted to help you start your data science journey with Python.

Pragyan and Merishna are senior data scientists who have more than 5+ years of experience working on data science using Python.

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