Computer Vision Engineer: Definition, Salary and Job Requirements

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Definition: A computer vision engineer is a data professional who focuses on image data mining and processing. They focus mostly on supervised tasks such as image classification, object detection, image segmentation, and much more.

Computer vision engineers are highly in demand in computer vision-based startups as well as enterprises alike including Tesla, NVIDIA, Waymo, etc.

Salary: The median salary of a computer vision engineer is USD $140,000 per year.

Typical Job Requirement: A typical job requirement of a computer vision engineer is as follows:

  • Developing image analysis algorithms and deep learning architectures to solve problems
  • Designing and creating platforms for image processing and visualization
  • Knowledge of computer vision frameworks and libraries
  • Understanding of TensorFlow or PyTorch for dataflow programming

Looking to work on some open-source computer vision projects? You can find tutorials on building such in this comprehensive list of ‘Open-Source Computer Vision Projects (With Tutorials)’.

Computer Vision Engineer: Definition, Salary and Job RequirementsComputer Vision Engineer: Definition, Salary and Job Requirements

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