NN Models: Neural Network Models and APIs for Nudity Detection [NN Nudes]

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NN models or Neural Network models can be used to detect nudity and non-nude models in images and videos using Machine Learning.

There are multiple neural network model APIs out there that make this application of Machine Learning possible. In this article, we will highlight some nudity detection APIs available out there that use Neural Networks for detecting nudity:

1. Besedo – AI Powered Nudity Detection – Website Link

Besedo provides an AI-powered nudity detection model that can be customized to fit your rules and needs. Using this tool, you can build safe dating sites and family-friendly communities as well as remove inappropriate images before they go live.

Besedo for AI Powered Nudity Detection - nn models

2. RapidAPI – Nudity Detection Image Moderation APIs – Website Link

Nude photos of celebrities and average citizens alike often circulate on the internet, making their way onto websites whose owners do not condone the presence of those images and would like to keep their pages safe for work.

RapidAPI for Nudity Detection Image Moderation APIs - nn models

The Nudity detection APIs from RapidAPI uses computer vision techniques to aid in the process of identifying these images and flagging them for removal.

3. PicPurify – Nudity Detector API – Website Link

PicPurify’s nudity detector model is extremely accurate and continuously trained to leave nothing to chance. Stricter than the regular detection model, it detects not only raw nudity but also partial nudity and suggestive pictures.

PicPurify's Nudity Detector - nn models

4. DeepAI – Nudity Detection API – Website Link

DeepAI’s Nudity Detection API detects the likelihood that an image contains nudity and should be considered NSFW. It returns a number between 0 and 1, with 1 being 100% likely to contain nudity and be NSFW.

DeepAI - Nudity Detection API - nn models

5. WebPurify – Automated image moderation – Website Link

WebPurify’s Automated Intelligent Moderation (AIM) service offers 24/7 protection from the risks associated with user-generated images on your website, app, social media channels, or forums—detecting and removing nudity and other inappropriate content in real time.

WebPurify's Automated image moderation - nn models

In Conclusion

Do you know of any other nn models or APIs for nudity detection? Let us know in the comments and we will add them to the list.

NN Models: Neural Network Models and APIs for Nudity Detection [NN Nudes]NN Models: Neural Network Models and APIs for Nudity Detection [NN Nudes]

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