‘Software Engineering For Data Scientists and Programmers’ Course Launched!

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Today, we’re glad to announce the launch of our new course, ‘Software Engineering for Data Scientists and Programmers‘—the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and concise course on software engineering available to date.

The 1.5+ hours long course covers all the fundamental plus advanced topics needed to excel as a software engineer in both a data scientist and a programmer role.

'Software Engineering For Data Scientists and Programmers' Course Launched!

Here is a brief breakdown of the 10 lessons covered in the course:

  1. What is Software Engineering? – Gain an in-depth understanding of Software Engineering including its importance.
  2. Software Process Models – Learn the Waterfall, Prototyping, Incremental, RAD, and Spiral Software Process Models.
  3. Agile Development Model – Learn the Agile Development Model including Kanban and Scrum.
  4. Software Requirement Engineering – Learn to perform systematic Software Requirement Engineering.
  5. System Modeling – Learn Context, Process, Behavioral, Semantic Data, and Object system models using Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  6. Software Architectural Designs – Learn to architect software systems using client-server and distributed system architecture.
  7. Real-time System Design – Learn to design real-time systems.
  8. Component-based Engineering – Learn Component-based Engineering for working on large Software projects.
  9. Software Testing – Learn about Unit, Module, Sub-system, System, and Acceptance Software Testing.
  10. Software Cost Estimation – Learn Software Cost Estimation methods such as COCOMO, Machine Learning, Delphi, etc.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed for:

  • Programmers looking to excel themselves and move into project manager roles.
  • Data Scientists looking to take a systematic approach for engineering Machine Learning projects.
  • Project Managers looking to refresh and update their Software Engineering knowledge.

You can enroll in the course even if you have zero programming knowledge.

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'Software Engineering For Data Scientists and Programmers' Course Launched!

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