Best Course for Python Newbies – Black Friday Deals 2021

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No matter you’re a new programmer or just new to Python, ‘Python for Newbies – Complete Python Bootcamp‘ is one course you wouldn’t want to miss on. The 4-hour long course features all kinds of topics from variables and data types to complex topics such as object-oriented programming and decorators in Python.

The Bootcamp course is now available at a whopping discount of upto 90% off as part of Black Friday Deals 2021: Enroll in Python for Newbies – Complete Python Bootcamp.

Python and Machine Learning Courses - Black Friday 2021 Deals

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language used for all sorts of applications ranging from Machine Learning to web-app development. Today, it is one of the most used programming languages in the world and this Bootcamp course helps you learn it extremely well.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about the Python programming language starting from how to install it, how to set up an Interactive Development Environment (IDE), and how to start coding. You will be introduced to various data types and operations in Python and you will also learn about various Python operations. Furthermore, this course helps you learn how to use control flow tools to alter the flow of a Python program.

You will also learn advanced Python programming concepts such as functional and object-oriented programming. This course also teaches you how to handle errors and exceptions in Python and perform file-handling to work with files.

At the end of this course, you will also build a capstone project that you can put in your project portfolio.

Why you should take this course?

  • Updated 2021 course content: All our course content is updated as per the latest technologies and tools available in the market
  • Practical hands-on knowledge: This course is oriented to providing a step-by-step implementation guide rather than just sticking to the theory.
  • Guided support: We are always there to guide you through the Q/As so feel free to ask us your queries.

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