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Full Stack Data Science Course – Become a Data Scientist

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Master the four major areas of Data Science and become a
Full Stack Data Scientist.

Get educated and obtain the skills necessary as a Data Scientist to engineer, analyze, build, and deploy intelligent Machine Learning models in this immersive, Full Stack Data Science Course created by The Click Reader.

This course addresses the huge demand for data scientists and covers each stage of the entire data science project lifecycle.

Full Stack Data Science Course

Course Curriculum

Here is what you will be learning throughout the entire course!

Data Engineering - Full Stack Data Science Course

1. Data Engineering

Learn to engineer data pipelines using the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process and web scraping as a
data engineer.

Exploratory Data Analysis - Full Stack Data Science Course - Full Stack Data Science Course

2. Exploratory Data Analysis

Learn to perform statistical and graphical exploratory data analysis on any data available to you as a
data analyst.

Data Modeling

3. Data Modeling

Learn to execute a a 6-stage Machine Learning (ML) workflow for performing data modeling as a data scientist.

Model Deployment - Full Stack Data Science Course

4. Model Deployment

Learn to deploy data models into a production environment using Web APIs through Flask as a Machine Learning Engineer.

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