Learn Machine Learning — all in less than 40 hours.

Machine Learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computer systems to learn and improve at performing a wide range of tasks without the need to be explicitly programmed.

It has gained immense popularity over the last few decades due to many reasons such as the rise in computational power, generation of more volume of data, discovery of new implementation use cases, etc.

In this ‘Machine Learning Fast-Track’, you will learn the A-Z of Machine Learning including how to implement Machine Learning algorithms programmatically.

Machine Learning Fast-Track

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Linear Algebra Course Banner

1. Linear Algebra Fundamentals – Refresher Course

Free Course

Take this mini-course to go through a quick refresher on the basic concepts of Linear Algebra.

Machine Learning course

2. Supervised Machine Learning with Python

Free Course

Learn to build multiple types of Supervised Machine Learning models using Python.

Data Modeling

3. Theory of Deep Learning – Deep Neural Networks

Premium Course + Certification

Learn the theory behind how Deep Neural Networks work through mathematical examples.

Convolutional Neural Network Course

4. Convolutional Neural Network Theoretical Course

Free Course

Learn the theory behind Convolutional Neural Networks and understand how to build one.

TensorFlow Course

5. TensorFlow – Hands-on Machine Learning with TF

Premium Course + Certification

Learn TensorFlow by building multiple Machine Learning projects through a hands-on approach.

TensorFlow JS Course

6. TensorFlow JS – Build ML Projects using Javascript

Premium Course + Certification

Learn TensorFlow.js and build Machine Learning projects for the web using Javascript.

NLP Course Banner

7. Natural Language Processing (NLP) using NLTK with Python

Free Course

Learn to perform basic Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks using NLTK.

Time-Series Forecasting Course

8. Time-Series Forecasting with TensorFlow 2.0

Free Course

Learn to build powerful time-series forecasting model using various deep learning algorithms.

Face Mask Detection Course

9. Face Mask Detection using Machine Learning and Python


Learn to create Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms from two proven Data Science experts.

Fast-Track Extra Courses and Resources

Full Stack Data Science Course

Full-Stack Data Science Course – Become a Data Scientist

Premium Course + Certification

Master the four major areas of Data Science and become a Full Stack Data Scientist using Python.

Data Science for Sports Course

Data Science for Sports – Sports Analytics

Premium Course + Certification

Deep dive into the world of sports analytics and visualization with Python.

Data Science for Business Analytics Course

Data Science for Business Analytics and Intelligence

Premium Course + Certification

Use Google Analytics data to discover ways to unlock valuable business insights.

Customer Analytics Course

Customer Analytics for Businesses: Crash Course

Premium Course + Certification

Gain the skills required to use customer data in order to extract information and curate strategies.

Ecommerce course

Data Science for E-commerce: Crash Course

Premium Course + Certification

Learn how data science can be used in the e-commerce industry through this complete crash course.

Recommender System Course

Recommender Systems for Beginners

Premium Course + Certification

Learn how to build intelligent Recommender Systems for businesses as a beginner.